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Our Musicians

It's our 30 on stage artists that give The Riverside its very unique touch and make it the immensely popular, lively and fun place that it is.

While some of our musicians create this warm, cozy early evening atmosphere, others are responsible for the slightly more audible, vibrant and electrifying party mood. All of them, with their very individual charismas and personalities contribute to a nightly live program that is truly spectacular.

Here you can find out about their backgrounds and why they feel special about performing at The Riverside.


Tong (singer of The Bug)

Tong you just celebrated your seventh anniversary with The Riverside. How does it feel?

I feel as my audition for The Riverside was just yesterday. Time has just been flying.

What's your story? How did you become a singer?

Even though I always had a passion for singing, I never attended any classes or vocal trainings. Therefore I never thought singing would become more than a hobby some day. While at Rajabhat University, studying industrial tourism, my brother would take me along to his band's practice sessions and they would let me sing along. We put together a band that would include Deaw (bass) and James (drums), two friends with whom I shared the Riverside stage as part of The Bug for many years now and we performed at this pop music contest, eventually winning it. Performing at parties and events, we became quite popular with the Chiang Mai crowds. After my early evening session as a singer in a duo at a local restaurant I was often hanging out at The Riverside.
When the singer of the band there, Por, who I admired a lot, was going to leave for abroad a replacement had to be found. Joe, the bassist of The Bug introduced me to band and I was able to practice with them. Then the big day of the audition came'..the management team gave their thumbs up and I have been on stage at The Riverside ever since'..for 7 years now.

What does The Riverside mean to you?

The place is very special to me. Just the other night I was standing on the pier looking at the building, many memories coming up and I could feel the close connection. It's funny, I never get bored, after a one week holiday I feel really excited to get back on stage. It doesn't feel like work I simply enjoy myself out there.

How's the team work in a band? Who does actually chose new songs and how?

In the past the band leaders would usually chose the songs, as they knew what would go best with the band's style and what the crowd would like. Over the years I have matured, understanding and appreciating songs and lyrics much better. Nowadays I am much more involved in picking our songs than in the beginning.
We are in a very lucky situation that the management fully trusts us and does not impose any songs or styles on us, we have the absolute liberty to pick our songs.

What type of music do you listen to in private?

Mainly Jazz, Blues and Ska-Raeggae

What do you do in your free time?

Swimming, relax at home, go to the movie. I used to be more of a party girl in the past but slowed down over the years. On my day off, I still often hang out at The Riverside, funny isn't it.


Ajan Aud (Accoustic guitar duo)

Ajan Aud, you and Chong perform every night at The Riverside. How does a maestro like you, who even played for HM the King and HM the Queen of Thailand, feel about The Riverside?

You know, I have been playing my guitar at The Riverside for more than 21 years. It's like family to me, it's like my home. Some days when I feel a bit down, I start my set and my mood immediately improves.

Over the years I had many offers from other places. but I am happy where I am. Things are very relaxed at The Riverside, I love to entertain our audience and then chat with the folks after our set. They know me, I know them'that's the way it is.


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