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Our Staff

We acknowledge that our staff are the essential ingredient for your enjoyable experience at
The Riverside.

Be they waitresses, cooks, bar tenders, cleaners, cashiers, parking attendants, receptionists or
dish washers, all are equally important to contribute to your overall satisfaction.

Many of them have been with us for a number of years, some even from day one, more than 20 years ago. We thank them for their loyalty, dedication and reliability and are interested to hear what they have to say about themselves and about us:

Da (Cook)

How many years have you been working at the Riverside?
I started working at The Riverside on day 1, on 18th February 1984.

What excactly is your job?
I set up the kitchen, I also prepare the staff food but my main responsibility is to go to the market to buy fresh supplies like vegetables and seafood for the restaurant on a daily basis.

Why do you like to work here?
The Riverside is like my second home. I have been with the restaurant for so many years that it has become like a part of me. I appreciate that The Riverside still offers this warm feeling of a big family just like in the very beginning.


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